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Kristen Bennett, "Peggy"

Kristen Bennett '17 made "Peggy" as a geometric study of the human form.



Daisha Calhoun, "Flight"

Daisha Calhoun, "Flight"

Daisha Calhoun '15 made these steel origami cranes transform the very heavy material into a paper bird transitioning into flight.



Don't Look Away

Brianna Clayton, "Don't Look Away"

Brianna is finishing her studies at Lander and made this sculpture as a way to express and acknowledge keeping eye contact with others as an introverted person.




Katherine Rumminger, "Ritual"

Katherine made "Ritual" as a fabricated steel sculpture that blurs the line between a functional door and an art object. Its uncanny placement and ability to be opened or closed is meant to engage the viewer by spurring questions and investigation.




Victor Santos, "Us"

Victor has made his work "Us" about the united yet divided, the one vs. the many, the nature of the United States, and its combined strength that is more than the sum of its individuals.




Hallie Smith, "Butterflies"

Hallie created this piece with the goal of bringing joy to those who view it because there are very few people that are bothered by butterflies. While being a piece that is appealing to look at without knowing the story behind it, it also has a much deeper meaning to her with suicide awareness and the symbol of a butterfly representing hope, life, change, and spiritual rebirth.





Lindsay Soto, "Sunflowers"

Lindsay Soto, "Maddie"

Lindsay Soto '17 named "Maddie" after her childhood dog who passed away in the process of completing these sculptures. She decided to name them after her since Maddie brought her happiness and flowers also bring people happiness.




Megan Vickery, "Venture"

Megan Vickery '16 created "Venture" as a symbol of how people can influence each other by shaping new ways of thinking and building new life skills each day.



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